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Vegetarian lifestyle in practice 101

Vegetarianism started as a philosophy rather than a diet. Even today, vegans, a subset of vegetarians, consider veganism as their philosophy on life. It has been there for thousands of years. Its history dates back to the ancient age, where it was practiced by Jains and Buddhist sects. The East including Indian subcontinent and China gave more emphasis on vegetarian lifestyle. It has been in practice continually till now. Being the omnivores we are, all of us can make do with vegetarianism. Veg food has all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional component that meat can provide. The fat and calorific intake is significantly lower as well. People who are starting out on vegetarianism need to understand the importance of few food items.

Foods that ease you into vegetarian lifestyle

Mushrooms and lentils feel almost meat like. Mushrooms turn condensed and sloppy when cooked. It provides that similar texture in your teeth like meat. It can be used in burgers. Lentils are faster to cook. It can go along with curries, rolls and chilies. It goes well with herbs and species too. They act pretty much like ground beef.

Tofu and eggplant brings a range of flavors. Tofu soaks in any flavor you supply. It gives large number of recipes. It is a versatile food item that can effectively help during transition. Eggplants can be cut into long and beefed up cutlets. Pick them shiny and fresh. You can also include cauliflower and jackfruit to the list. Avoid caffeine during transition, since it dehydrates you and leaves you feeling empty.

Top protein sources for vegetarians

Beans and Greek yogurt provides with an abundance of protein. Beans makes up for a rich source of protein and fiber. It helps lower cholesterol levels and promotes digestion. There is nothing like excessive consumption, when it comes to beans. Yogurt make you feel fuller and satisfy your stomach. Nevertheless, it works on improving appetite in the long run.

Eggs, nuts and nut butter give an easy protein boost. Eggs help curb craving for lengthier periods of time. A large egg typically contains 6 grams of protein. It improves functioning of eye and other vital organs. Nuts are an amazing source of monosaturated fats. You can stir it into stews or spread it on toast.

Food that isn’t always vegetarian

Watch out for those marshmallows and refried beans. The fluffy marshmallows can sometime accompany gelatins. Make sure to purchase vegan marshmallows from recognized stores. Mexican restaurants may use animal fat in their bean. It’s always better to ask about it in a polite manner. It’s no big deal to find vegetarian refried beans either.

Read the list of ingredients in alcohol and cheese. The tricky thing about it is not all bottles come with ingredients list. Fish bladders and crab shells are sometimes used as fining agents. Old style cheeses like Romano may contain animal rennet. This meat related ingredients can put your vegetarianism to a halt. Be careful when you pick alcohol and cheese, especially in colder regions.